Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Right around the time the first frost hits, I start setting up my coldframes.   Last year I had such great success that I decided to do two this year. 

Yay!  Two!

The first coldframe, I put in the same place I did last year.    Right around where the arugula self seeded.   We like arugula and we eat a lot of it.    It loves being in the cold frame.  I planted more arugula, radishes and parsley in this one.  

I laid the straw bales down on their broadest sides for this frame.   Two in the back, one on each end.   If I get my act in gear, I'll put a couple more [or parts of one] in the front to insulate that side well.  I have an old glass door that goes on top.  I'll tuck clear plastic all around when it gets and stays cold.   Last year I didn't do the extra straw in front but we still had greens all winter long. 

This is the new coldframe.    I will be growing kale in this one and kale gets taller than arugula and radishes, so I put the bales on their sides so they'd be a little taller.   I've got taller kale in the back, shorter kale in the middle and in the front left, I scattered some salad mix.   In the front right I scattered a stir fry mix I got from Baker Creek. I can't wait to find out what's in it.  

Everything's coming up nicely except the parsley which is slow.    So far, the only trouble I had is with the cat, who wants to use the coldframes as a litter box.   I covered both frames with deer net - like I do for the strawberries [you can see the strawberries behind coldframe #1].    The net seems to be keeping him out just fine. 

So, tell me.   What would you grow in a coldframe?

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