Saturday, January 28, 2012


We use a lot of gravel.   Tons of it, every year.   We call our favorite hauling guy - Quincy May of May's Hauling - to bring us a load of #11 gravel or sand when we need more.  [I can never remember what size, but Quincy always does.]

We just used the last of our pile when we put in the strawberry beds a couple of weeks ago, and we needed more.    Time to call Quincy. 

The problem is that our pile is up a little hill.  The hill is mostly dirt and even though we've put some big gravel on it, it can still get pretty soft.   And, this is Indiana, where things stay soft for a long time and it takes ages for 'soft' to dry into 'brick'.  So, there are only two times a year when we can get a dump truck up there:  Winter when it's frozen hard and summer when it's dried out.     

This is winter, but it's warm, so it's still soft.  

We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to get cold enough and stay cold long enough for the hill to be hard enough to get a dump truck load of a gravel to the top without getting stuck or leaving huge ruts.  [Been there, done that, no fun] 

It was finally really cold for a few days and nights in a row, so Quincy brought me 6.5 tons of gravel.

Now I can dig more drainage around the back of the veg garden.  

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