Sunday, January 22, 2012

Root Cellaring

Since we do have a veg garden that's expanding, and since I'm doing my best to extend the season as long as I possibly can and since I'm hoping to have more potatoes, squash, etc. to keep over the winter, I got this book on root cellaring.

Mike and Nancy Bubel have written a field guide to all types of root cellars and cold storage and the things to keep in them.   The book starts out with a long section on the types of fruit and vegetables to grow that can store over long periods of time in a root cellar or cold storage.

The next section is a discussion of the different kinds of root cellars, how they differ by temperature and what keeps best in them.

The final section is all about how to set up cold storage of your own.  There are excellent descriptions of the types of root cellars built and used traditionally.   I enjoyed the excellent suggestions for using spaces in your own home for cold storage with minimal building and investment.    If you want to build a root cellar of your own, there are excellent guidelines for how to keep it healthy and how to control the temperature in different areas to keep different types of food through the winter.   

This book is a definite keeper!


  1. Is there anything you've seen about cheese caves in that book? That's the only thing holding me back from my cheddar!

  2. Hi Murph - For a cheese cave you need 55 degrees and high humidity. The corner of a basement? The book does talk about storage at that temp.

  3. A good way to do a small cheese cave is to use a mini fridge. You can pick one of those up cheap in May around town.


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