Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pansy Purple Towels

Most of the time, my favorite color is some shade between blue and purple.    So when I found myself buying yarn for towels, I, of course, bought several blues and purples. 

Then somehow, one of the first warps on the loom this month were blue and purple.    Then there was another one.   And another one on the loom right now.

I'm doing them in big stripes and little stripes.  Random stripes and regular stripes.   With gold and green stripes and without them.

It's hard to decide which ones I like the most. 

These are $20 each.   I do them in sets of 4 if you want a whole set of them.  Email me if you want them before they go up on etsy.      Email:  robin at morenna dot com.   

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