Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prism Towels

One of the things I like most about weaving is how the colors of the interlaced yarns in the warp and weft blend.  Each type of fiber gives the optical blending its own flavor.   It's magical.

Cotton yarns pixilate.   Little dots of color that seem so obvious close up, blend with their neighbors into something completely different at a distance. 

This series of towels capitalizes on the color magic of interlacement.   The colors shift and blend and split like colors through a prism.   

Blow the pic up to see what I mean. 
This is the family's favorite set.  I'll be doing these in a lot of colors. 

These are $20 each.   I do them in sets of four if you want a set.  Machine washed and dried.   16"x24" right out of the dryer.   Email me if you want them before they go up on etsy.   robin at morenna dot com


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I still think my favs are the yellow/orange—maybe because it's February and I feel desperate for those colors! Nice job, Rob! Your talent stll blows me away!

  2. Hi Robin!! I love seeing your towel pictures... I love the colors and they make me happy!


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