Saturday, April 7, 2012

Crawdad hole - update

So that stinking crawdad that made a hole in my coldframe wasn't really satisfied with his new hole. 

He wanted his old hole.   So he burrowed up to the north again.

Around the blue lake rock.

Around the brick. 

Until he opened another hole.   Under the parsley.
In my coldframe!

Then he closed the old one.
I have to decide how this is going to work.  It was one thing when he was on the side.   Quite another when I have to plant around him.    The tunnel really interferes with roots.   Erg. 


  1. Our neighbor sent me a link to a piece on fishing crawdads out of their holes with a piece of bacon. I'm going to try it!

  2. I read about a tip you might give a try. Take a hair scruncy and tie some fishing line to it. Then take a stick and stuff the scruncy down the hole. The crawdad will attack it and become entangled. You can then pull him out!

  3. Or move the parsley. :-) Seems like six of one and half dozen of another, eh? But it seems like a whole lot more fun to catch the crawdad.


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