Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Martha Stewart doesn't live here.

The truth about our place is that generally, it's a mess.   We've always got something going on somewhere and if we manage to get it cleaned up, then the grass is too long or the weeds have grown up where they don't belong.  

That said, we manage to have a few corners tucked here and there that are useful for photo ops to make this place look like it came right out of the pages of Martha Stewart. 

As long as you don't look too closely.  That's the corner of our back patio under the apple tree.   On this particular day, it was the only corner of the property that didn't look like a total and complete disaster.

Most of the time our flower beds are weedy.   The patio has weeds growing between the bricks.   The veg garden is strewn with metal stakes, bricks, trowels and various and sundry other things that I may or may not need up there in the next few weeks.

The studio is a constant disaster.   That's what it's for.  It was clean once, but that was a long time ago.

The house is small.   From it, we run two businesses and homeschool.  Two bedrooms, one bath.  The house is usually clean for approximately 10 minutes late on Friday morning.   Then we're done cleaning and start living again.   

The basement smells like an old basement.   Musty at best.  Mildewy during the monsoon season.   Packed full [and I mean full] of wood and woodworking tools.  Mostly wood.

There is duck poop on the front walk.   The chair on the front porch is dirty with dog sweat.  Really dirty.  It's Tibby's chair. 

I could go on.  

Martha Stewart doesn't live here.  

We live here.  

We LIVE here.  And WORK here. 

Welcome to the country.


  1. You make me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing this and bringing me (and possibly others) down to earth. I'd love for my gardens to look like they came out a miracle-gro commercial, but they don't. My house out of Better Homes and Gardens, but it doesn't. The way I look at it, if my house and garden looked like that there'd be nowhere to go but downhill from there. Thanks for posting this!

  2. ahhh...sounds like the perfect home to me! ;) or, sounds exactly like our home. lol I always worry about the people whose home is immaculately clean. What are they doing with their precious time?! Do they just have awesome time management skills?! major type A personality?! or, are they taking time too much time cleaning and not enough time truly living?

    I don't think anyone on their death bed, says I wish I kept my house cleaner!

  3. At least you actually have some corners that look like MS live there...we have none of those spaces. :P Just this morning, hubby was looking at the area around our house saying, wow, do we need to do some landscaping. We used to have pretty landscaping but then the garlic chives took over. We need more color but haven't had the time to put in new flowering plants.

  4. I would not do well in a Martha Stewart world. Seems to me she does an awful lot of work making things that are going to need an awful lot of work to keep dusted, or washed, or painted. Then you need to go to the Old Yankee Workshop to make the shelves that will hold the things that need to be dusted or washed or painted. Of course you will also have to dust or wash or paint the shelves. Off the This Old House to build the new addition to house to hold the shelves that hold ... you get the idea. Seems like a dangers vortex of work to me.

    I like your world much better.

  5. I can soooooooooo relate. I have to push stuff out of the way to get a half way decent picture for my blog post or crop like mad. I would spend all my time cleaning and none of it creating if I worried too much about appearances. My kitchen is clean enough to be sanitary and messy enough to be homey. I get distracted by the next interesting thing to see and do and I'm never bored. Sometimes I do wish for a house cleaning fairy or a magic wand and some of those industrious garden gnomes would be real sweet too.

  6. I just adore your blog, every week I come here and I just zone out. You amaze me, you are multi talented and kind as all get up. Thank you for being a great friend.

    PS- I love your title about this post regarding martha stewart.


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