Thursday, May 17, 2012


We found this guy up next to the house hiding in a wet spot in the folds of the tarp that covers our emergency generator. 

Look at the length of that tail!

He's a northern two lined salamander, as far as I can tell.

We see these a lot down by the big creek.   All you have to do is turn over a couple of medium sized flat rocks to find them.  


  1. You must walk around with that camera around your neck. :-) I know a salamander won't just oblige you and sit there while you run and get it. This is a pretty creature. I had a salamander who wandered in through my back door one year, disappeared really quickly underneath my water heater and was never seen again. Not as pretty as this one.

  2. It totally did! It just sat and waited, then posed and said, 'Should I move my tail a bit to the right? Maybe put a little curve in it?'


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