Thursday, June 14, 2012

Corn Crib

Every once in a while, on a back road, you'll see one of these old corn cribs hanging out in a field, not far from a barn.  [The barn in this case was a pile of rubber.....uh....rubble...oops.  Typo.]

I think they are charming.  [The corncribs, not the typos.  Typos are just irritating.]

Charming, I tell you.

I've always wanted one for a gazebo.    The guy who lived near where my parents used to live had one and my dad asked him if I could have it [He wasn't doing anything with it] but he said no.

So I still don't have one.

Which is probably a pretty good thing, because I don't know where exactly I'd put it if I had it.   But if someone suddenly gave one to me, I bet I could find a place pretty darn quick.

Ya know?

Wouldn't it be all cute with twinkle lights and some chairs with cushions and a table for fizzy water?  

And honeysuckle and a clematis or two climbing up the sides? 

1 comment:

  1. Those are quite that you pointed it out to me. ;) Hope you'll get one of your very own one day!


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