Saturday, June 30, 2012

Old Woolen Mill

This old woolen mill sits on the west side of Bloomfield, Indiana just before Main St. crosses the river. It was built in 1922 and operated until the mid 1960s. They made oval woven rugs and blankets for the military.

I did a bit of research to find out what the name of the company was, but only ever found it referred to as 'the old woolen mill on the west side of town'.

Somehow, I doubt that was it's name when it was built.

It was a salvage/building supply store for a long time after the woolen mill closed, but even that closed completely a few years ago. There were plans to turn it into condos, but that never happened.

It's a lovely building. I was in it when it was a salvage store and I loved the feel of the old place. All those wonderful windows.

If I were rich, I'd open it again as a woolen mill, full of hand looms by the windows. It would be a great place to weave.


  1. It would be wonderful to have the funds to turn it into a kind of artist's co-op with a scholarship program to help local folks get started with their creative careers.

  2. Hello -
    I was looking up old craft ads from vintage Workbasket Magazine and found an ad for wool blanket ends used for rug making. The company was Bloomfield Woolen Co., Bloomfield, Indiana.Maybe that's the name of the old mill you spoke about above.


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