Friday, June 1, 2012


Summer mornings dawn misty around here.   The air is a little bit blue.    The dew is abundant.  

The cow vetch has been abundant, too this year, like the daisies.  Our roads are lined with it.   The stems are wiry, but it has lacy looking tendrils, too.    It looks all dainty and ladylike, but in reality it's very tough.   

This is a field in Newark, Indiana.    It takes my breath away.  


  1. That is gorgeous. Looks like a photo from a tourism office.

  2. I love purple (and blue) flowers!

  3. Robin, one of the things I like best about your blog is how much you just ENJOY your land and nature in general. I read lots of blogs that just seem to be about working--here's a task I'm doing, here's how to do it--and it's refreshing to read about how you take the time to just enjoy and appreciate the world around you. That's something I definitely need to do more of.


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