Monday, August 20, 2012

Misty August Mornings

This is the season of change.    The heat has subsided a bit and the nights are cool.    We've had fires in the firepit and cooked our breakfast crepes on the grate over the firepit while cradling hot cups of chai and chocolate.

It is a blessed relief from the firey heat of summer. Now we pray for rain.

Lots of rain.

Lily got these pics one lovely cool morning. 

The spiders have been busy.   The webs with the zigzags are made by the Argiope. 

I love the spiral construction of this one.


  1. I love spider works of art!...I just don't like them in my house. :P

    B is fascinated by tunnel spider webs. He's been known to catch something to toss into the web just to watch the spider come out to eat. Double :P

  2. Those are incredible! They look like strands of pearls. There ought to be a short story in those for Lily. Beautiful writing prompts. And I'll bet she'd kill it.


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