Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cucumber Tower

It's not really a tower, just vines climbing up some strong twine to the top of a trellis that goes over the center path of the veg garden.

It's happy and covered in bloom.  In the mornings, this thing is full of bees and really noisy.  

This particular variety is De Bourbonne, which are bred to stay small.   Assuming that you go out every day to measure and pick them.  And assuming they don't get lost in all the leaves.  It's easy to miss them and it only takes a day for them to get not small.

Not small as in big.  Really big.

Bottom line:   I like this variety a lot and will be doing them again.

1 comment:

  1. How do they taste? Are they eating cukes or pickling cukes?
    I had a friend who tied up her tomato plants in a similar way in her greenhouse. Did it with cukes and zucchini too. It was the most gorgeously organized and not slimy greenhouse I've ever seen. Just felt peace walking in there. And everything was right in front of you for picking. Nothing hiding down in the dirt. Loved it.


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