Saturday, August 11, 2012


I've been busy weaving towels this summer.   I love weaving towels.   They're beautiful and useful and beautiful.   How you not love working on something this gorgeous?

Here are pics of the ones I finished recently.  They're all on Etsy.  $20 each.  They're about 16x24 inches.  They've already been machine washed and dried.   100% cotton.

They're made to work, so don't feel like you have to be dainty with them - this is what I use at home every day.

Autumn Squares

Misty Morning Squares

Gold Party


Red Party

Dk Teal 


  1. I will vouch for the wonderfulness of these towels. I heart these towels. I would by one of each if I could. My little dude says "Robin should start a business with these towels!" every time he uses them. :)

  2. I LOVE these towels!!!! I don't know how anyone can live without them. I want some of every color you have. Love the red!

  3. Agreed...the towels are gorgeous. Once I get my kitchen to the point where they can be fully displayed (used) without getting lost in all the crap, I'm buyin' some! Robin, I wondered if you ever did some dying to match this: because seriously, those are my favorite colors to put together ever. Just sayin'...

    1. I'll keep my eye out for that red. Good reds are hard to find. Those would be really pretty towels.

  4. They are beeeeeyoootiful! Like Janiel, I'd buy them all if I could. :)


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