Thursday, September 20, 2012

Volunteer Squash - Ripe

We throw all of our veg type kitchen scraps to the chickens, who eat them and churn them up into black gold for the garden.    Chicken dirt is a miracle.

But loaded in that chicken dirt are a lot of seeds and so we get some volunteers.   This year we got a lot of tomato volunteers and squash volunteers.    I kept four of the squash volunteers and this is what they finally turned into.

This is a regular old butternut squash.  The regular color, the regular size.   Easy to identify.  

And these started out as tiny white pumpkins - only as they aged they turned a creamy yellow.   Very pretty. 

And this is a beautiful little white pumpkin.  I started out with half a dozen, but they were really susceptible to rot and the rest of them rotted.   Darn.   They were really cute. 

Then there are these.    This warty thing is about the same size as the white pumpkin.  I got four of them.   They were distinctly striped on the plant, then the stripes disappeared and they turned beige.   After I harvested them and they sat for a while curing, the stripes came back.   Weird.   They grew in full sun and I'm curing them under a tree - maybe the sun vs. shade has something to do with it.   I hope they taste good because even though they're really kind of strange looking, I find them entirely enchanting.  


  1. Ah, the picture of fall! Perfect! Do you ever can squash? I bet you can make some really interesting jam with it! Squash + another fruit...pureed. Sounds intriguing...but I bet you already have that recipe planned! Ooh...pumpkin pie jam on biscuits!

  2. That last squash could be dressed up as a fabulous witch for Halloween!


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