Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cat in the Creek

A long while back I showed a pic of Blue walking through the water.   He does this regularly.   Once in a while, we accidentally catch it on a camera. 

He follows us all over this place.  And meows loudly if we go too fast, or too slow, or somewhere he doesn't want to go.    Lily caught these pics on a walk with him. 

Water doesn't faze him. 

He just walks right on through the creek whenever he needs to get across. 

It's just one of his many superpowers. 

Like the superpower that allows him to merge with the shadows and hide whenever we think about opening the door, so he can slip right out while we're distracted by things like...walking and breathing at the same time.   Zing...he's gone...like smoke. 


  1. Love this! We have a similar cat who follows us. Cats add so much in life!

  2. That is one amazing cat...kind of a combo of dog, cat, and god. ;D

    1. Heh. Totally accurate on the god part! And Blue knows it.


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