Monday, October 15, 2012


Way back in March, we went out and got some new baby chicks because our hens are getting old.  We paid extra to get females.

And then half of those females turned into males.

I hate it when that happens.

So now we have two extra roosters.    Because apparently we needed crowing 24/7.

Also, we figured out where the theme from Get Smart came from.   I'm totally serious.  Nutmeg crows the Get Smart theme.  

This is Nutmeg.  He's an Americauna.  I was hoping to get blue eggs from him.

Not.  Going.  To Happen. 

This is Jupiter.   He's a Silver Laced Wyandotte.   Pretty! 

They try to out crow each other. 

All.  Day.  Long.    Beginning early in the morning.  Early.  


Bob, our main rooster, just looks on in disgust.    Who can blame him?

We let Bob stay in the coop with the ladies.

We let Jupe and Meggie Boy out into the yard so that they don't start fighting with Bob.  That would be Bad.  

K2 loves the feathers on these guys.  Notice the green with the black. 

And notice the green with the brown.  

Forty shades of brown and gold with a bit of that bottle green and black. 



  1. Don't you just hate that when what you thought were going to be hens turn out to be roosters?

    Our main rooster right now is mean to our dominant hen, so we're going to eat him. We'd bought 4 roosters chicks a month and a half ago and will butcher them when they're old enough, but now we may have to keep one of them and eat the current rooster instead. Barnyard squabbles...ugh...

  2. Just seeing this post - I love it! I have two roosters, one got sick last summer so I had to separate them - now they fight. Bob is the dominant one - Buddy is the previously sick one. I absolutely love watching them grow up - they are so handsome! I never realized how pretty roosters can be! One of mine is a blue orpington and he's just starting to get a goldish coloring on his neck and white stripes in his tail. Bob is a blue/buff orpington - he's multicolored with lots of gold and some gray coloring. They're both gorgeous! Luckily Buddy can't fight too well as a result of his illness so he stays clear of Bob most of the time. They both take good care of the girls.

    1. Cool! I just looked up the blue orps because I'd never seen them before. They're so pretty!


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