Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blood Orange Marmalade

I scored some blood oranges this year.   Actually, Eric scored them.    He's my citrus shopper.

We made some plain blood orange marmalade because it was pretty.   Really pretty.   Once I got all the fruit in the pot, it looked like this.   

Really pretty.

And the finished jam is gorgeous.

Blood Orange Marmalade

5 blood oranges, sectioned and zested
2 cups water
3 cups sugar

I followed the same procedure as before [see the post from two days ago on Four Fruit Marmalade].   Zest first.  Boil the zest in the water while you section the fruit.  Put the fruit, zest and sugar in a big pot and boil it until it reaches the gel point [220 degrees in Indiana].

Ladle into jars.  Process 10 minutes for canning.  [See Jam page, tab above, for more information.]

I kind of let this get too hot and when it was done it was very gelled.   Which is fine at room temp.  Nice even.   But once it's been refrigerated, it gets hard.    Way hard.   So keep that in mind if you end up with some of this batch.   Keep it at room temp until you open it, then eat it all so you don't have to refrigerate it.   Okay?  

Want the recipe for this Marmalade and a whole lot of other terrific jam recipes?   Check out my ebook:  A Simple Jar of Jam  at   You can preview the book by clicking the link on the sidebar.  Every purchase helps support this site.  Thank you!


  1. Love the color of blood oranges, and love the color of your marmalade even more! So jewel-like.

  2. Gorgeous! Wow. That's the wonderful thing about jam and preserving in general... the jars of food always look so lovely. Especially yours.


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