Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tornado Update: Updated

Update  11:30 am:    Eric drove Hwy 43 between Solsberry and Hendricksville and said all he saw was one house with a bunch of shingles blown off the roof.   No serious damage that he could see from the road.   His comment:  Hype.    

Whew.    Our neighbors don't need any more drama. 

Original post:  Looks like our little hamlet got hit by a tornado or a tornado-like weather phenomenon in the wee hours of this morning.   The damage seems to be between Hendricksville and Solsberry proper - about 6 miles away from us.    We found out about it when someone heard it on the news and called to check on us. 

We're fine.  The hives are fine.   The coldframes are fine.   The trees are fine.   The only thing that got knocked over was a grilling tool chest on the back patio.   Also an old wading pool got ripped off its heavily weighted bottom and crashed into the woodpile.   No wood was hurt, but the pool isn't really a pool anymore.

We even have power - a miracle in and of itself.   Our power source is located in the White River plain.   When the wind blows in Bloomfield, we lose power.    It flickered a lot last night, but didn't stay off long at all.  

Our place is in a little hollow and the winds go right over us.   Loudly.

Loud. Ly.

Seriously, it sounded like a tornado for four hours before the storm actually hit.   And I'm serious about the length of time.  Roaring winds. 

And I guess it did turn into a tornado.   Or a tornado-like weather phenomenon. 

But we're all fine. 


  1. Oh my goodness! Scary! So glad to hear you're fine though. Aside from being awakened by our weather radio 5-6 times last night, it wasn't so bad where we are. In fact, we didn't even get the flooding that was predicted. Also glad to hear you have power!

  2. As I told you in email, slept right through it without even a smidge of awareness...Man. But glad you're OK and I think I heard on the news that the NWS had assessed the damage as straight-line winds, which can be just as damaging as a weak tornado. I am NOT looking forward to tornado season, which it appears, is now half the year! Need a new pool? Got one you can have.


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