Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Mushrooms

We had the Big Snow.

Then it got warm and rained and it all melted.

Then it was 60 degrees and rained a lot more, hard, all in one evening.   We had a big flood during the night.

When we went out to check the damage the next morning, we discovered this on a willow stump next to our creek.    The temps were back down in the 30s by then, and it was gray and cloudy.  This thing glowed!

I think it's a fungus called Chicken of the Woods.  [Here's more on it.] It's supposed to be choice and delicious.   We're not very brave with our local fungus - morels and chanterelles are all we'll eat because they're all I can reliably identify.   I've heard of this one, and if I can get some trustworthy verification, I'll try it. 

It sure is pretty. 


  1. B confirms that those are indeed Chicken of the Woods. We've had them a number of times and they are deeeelicious! But, he says that you should let them grow bigger first (unless that stump is larger than he thinks). How wide is the one in front?

    1. Yay!! It is a smaller stump - creek willow. The one in front is a little wider than a man's palm. Not huge. How big do we let them get? Lily says there are more on another stump down there. [Frozen now, but they'll come back] Is it weird to see them in January? I take it they're a cool weather shroom - like morels.

  2. So beautiful! WE hope there's a chicken of the woods mushroom recipe in the offing...maybe risotto?


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