Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peas Planted

I soaked these seeds [from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds] for a few hours in warm-ish water while we prepped the beds.   I planted loads of these this year.  And then it rained.  Mother Nature's seal of approval, no doubt. 

This variety is our favorite.   They were very heat tolerant last year - we had them even until the middle of June in all that heat.   When these are done, I'll rip them out and plant basil.   Mmmmm.


  1. Huh! Do you soak all of your peas before planting them? Sounds like a great idea - to help them germinate faster.

    1. I soak all the peas. [Truthfully, sometimes I forget and I'm always sorry. Soaking really helps them along.]


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