Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hoop House Progress

When the weather got hot, the hoop house was like a blast furnace inside.   Time to roll up the sides.  I'm keeping them rolled up as long as the nights are in the 40s.  To keep them up, I bunched the corners and wrapped a little bungee around them. So far it's working great - and it's something I can do by myself if I need to.

In the center of the hoop house are the jugs I start tomatoes and things in.   They work fabulously. 

On the far side of the jugs is a bed of mixed greens.  It went from seedling to seeding in just a couple of weeks.  I didn't harvest fast enough.   Good thing the flowers are tasty, too.

I had a row of radishes next to them - delicious! and done in time for the heat.  I won't plant radishes again until August - our summer heat is fierce and makes for very spicy and woody summer radishes.   

On the front side is a bed of bib lettuce.  Still delicious and slow to bolt.  We're thinning like crazy.

In the fall, I'll plant another bed of this stuff, plus a bed of arugula (our favorite!).  Plus a bed of carrots and another of radishes.  I'm going to need at least two hoop houses this fall.  

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  1. Notice how I neatly rolled the plastic up? Guess what happened when it rained for 3 days....I went out and emptied it today and rolled it under. Should be much better now.


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