Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sweet Potato Starts Update

It's working!!  I've got actual leaves on the sweet potatoes!

I started some of them in bulb vases, some in jars and some of them in an ice cream bucket.  

Weeks ago.

 I read somewhere that small pieces start best.

That is totally wrong.  Totally.   The bigger the hunk, the better. 

It took the small stuff in the bucket For. Ever to get going.

The big hunks in the vases took their time, but once they got going, they really got going.

I've got roots coming on those now.    Those tiny white roots are the signs of Sweet Potato Victory!

The ones I put whole in jars shot out roots right away within just a couple of days.

Days.    DAYS!    Not weeks. 

Soooo, next year, if I want to start them slowly, I'll cut them in half and start them that way.   If I want to start them late and need them to start fast, then I'll drop them in a wide-mouth jar, fill it half full of water and let them go to town.

I love all these little stems!  Eventually they'll all have little rootlets at the base of each stem.  When it's time to plant them, I can carefully twist off each stem with the root and stick them in the ground. 

Sweet potato happiness.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Congratulations!! I thought you couldn't start sweet potatoes this way, just normal white potatoes. I'm glad I was wrong.


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