Thursday, May 9, 2013

Very Shy Ducks

Down the way from us is a beaver pond.   With beavers and everything.  And a ginormous swamp rose that's maybe 1/2 acre all by itself. 

It's totally totally cool.Totally.

We noticed that this year there are at least two pairs of ducks there - a pair of wood ducks and a pair of mallards.   Both are pretty nice looking ducks.

The wood ducks like to nest in trees and I'm betting that this tree is where they're nesting. Click the pic to biggify it.  I see two holes, so maybe there's another pair?

Whenever we get remotely within sight, they take off to the back area of the wetland. I'm hoping that I'll eventually get a pic of one.   I'd be over the moon if I could catch a pic of the ducklings.

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