Monday, July 29, 2013

Squash Update

So the truth is that I'm kind of in love with squash plants.  I love the way the bees buzz all over them.  I love the flowers, I love the fruit, I love the vines.  They crawl all over the garden and we have to leap frog over a lot of them but I don't care.   They make me happy.

This is winter squash Black Futsu with yesterday's flower, today's flower and tomorrow's from right to left.   It made me laugh. 

This is a baby Queensland Blue [left] and a baby Golden Hubbard [right].   They're a bit bigger than your fist in this pic, but they'll get a LOT bigger before they're done.   The QB will turn a lovely blue gray and the GH will turn a screaming traffic cone orange when they're ripe. 

And as always, I let a couple of  volunteer mystery squash stay this year.   This one is nice and smooth and regular and pretty pale.   Maybe another batch of the little white pumpkins that seem to volunteer so well in the chicken dirt?    I hope so - they make adorable decorations. 


  1. Huh! When we plant squash close together they often cross polinate - we get some really weird fruit! I love winter squash. We planted Delicata this year, have you tried that? It's very good! I think that was the name - the fruit is fairly small and the skin not too thick but the meat is bright orange inside - the skin is striped light and dark. Pretty!

  2. Oh squash! I have limited squash space this year, but we have some mini pumpkins, boring old zucchini, and some acorn squash going well so far. I wish I could have a whole field full of a million different kinds of them all.


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