Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Twelve Spotted Lady Beetle

First of all, click the pic to blow it up.   This is one cute bug. 

Her first name is hilarious:  Coleomegilla maculataIt always reminds me of gorillas - you know.. Magilla Gorilla.    Right?  Which is funny.   Because it's a tiny little bug.   Right?   Gorillas...bugs...

You're not laughing.

Whatever.   ....    Anyway.

These guys eat lots of bad bugs and bad bug eggs, so you want them in your garden.  

1 comment:

  1. Hi Robin!
    Thanx again for the lovely book.:-))))

    I looked in your etsy shop and almost bought your soap making book...before I realized it was a gift pack ! :-(......Can we perhaps expect a lovely soap making book from you in the near future??
    PS If you are in the process of writing one...please keep in mind those of us in another part of the world where an ingredient 1) might be called something different 2) might not even be sold/available for purchase ie offer natural alternatives...etc
    Thanx Val


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