Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The tomatoes took their sweet time this year.  

I mean really took their time.  We didn't have ripe ones until August.  

There they sat.   Mocking me.   Tiny green tomatoes.    Then finally they started to ripen.   Our harvest is much smaller this year due to the long, cool, wet spring.  

That said, I did plant some good ones and have some terrific recommendations for you.

This is Amana Orange.   I got the seed from Baker Creek.   Nicely sized meaty tomatoes.   It looks more yellow than orange to me, but it's a good tomato with a nice flavor.    This one ripened first this year.

This is Brave General, also from Baker Creek.

It's another terrific tomato.  Good sized and meaty.   Well formed.   I'll be growing this one again.  

This is Amish Paste.  It's a glorified roma, but bigger.   Meaty and well formed.  This is K2's favorite of all.

I'll talk about the cherry tomatoes tomorrow.

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