Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Uzbek Sweetness Melon

This year I tried two new melon varieties [new to us, that is].  Charentais and Uzbek Sweetness.  

I got both types from Baker Creek  and if you've never perused their melon selection, go there now and check it out.   A. May. Zing.

The cat dug up the Charentais.  Twice.  [Yes, I threw a fit. Plus,  I swore at him.  He was completely unmoved.  Except when I caught him in the act and threw him bodily out of the garden.  Then he moved plenty.]  I planted them again but by the time they came up, there was a lot of competition in the bed from the other stuff in there.  They stuck it out and I do have one tiny fist-sized baby Charentais in there now.  We'll see if it does anything before frost.   It's the traditional French melon, supposed to be the mother of all muskmelon.   I'll try these again next year.

The cat left the other melon alone and the Uzbek Sweetness did just fine in spite of the cooler weather.  I got three nice melons.   It turned bright orange when ripe - I love that color!   Definitely an Eat Me Orange. 

And eat it I did.  

When I bought the seeds, there was no picture, so I was going on faith and I was interested to see that the insides were white with a peach tinge around the seeds. 

These babies are seriously sweet.   SWEET.  The flesh is firm.

I read later where some people consider these sort of like a honeydew but I'm glad I didn't know that before because I don't like honeydew.  I would never have tried it, and I'm so glad I did. 

Uzbek Sweetness is my new favorite melon!   I saved some of the seeds and I'll definitely do these again.


  1. They look really good. I'm excited to check out Baker Creek's site. I love finding new sources for heirloom seeds. Thanks!

  2. please email me rising8205@yandex.ru if you want me to send you uzbek melon seeds (guliabi, obinavvat...)


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