Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sealing the Foundation

As you know, we're working on a big foundation project.   Here's a recap, if you're interested. 

The next step in our foundation project is to give it some moisture protection.    There are a lot of options out there for that and Eric finally decided that we'd do two things.

1. Install a moisture barrier.   There are a number of options for this, and in the end we went with a layer of Platon.

2. Improve the overall drainage next to the foundation and direct it away from the house.   We laid drainage tile when we finished the footer.   We had talked about laying another layer of tile next to the foundation, but the Department of Redundancy Department decided that was unnecessary.   So, we decided to put in loads more gravel next to the foundation. 

Platon is the same kind of stuff you can use between a concrete slab and subfloor. It has bumps that keep a layer of air between the plastic and the concrete.

Eric attached the Platon to the foundation with ceramic coated washer head screws.

Then we hauled gravel.  And hauled more gravel.   And hauled more gravel.   In a day, the four of us were able to finish and fill one whole moat on the west side of the house. 

Tibby is a little sad that she can't hide in the moat anymore.  It kept her away from the horseflies and out of the wind.  She's moved back into her dog house.

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