Sunday, November 10, 2013

Urban Renewal

Confession:   I like cities.   Once in a long while, I like to visit a big, busy, bustling, noisy, dense city.   I think it's one of the reasons I like keeping bees.    Lots of action.

Last month, Lily and I went to Philadelphia to visit my sister for a few days and we had a Fan Tastic time.

Philly is one of my favorite places.   Lots of history.  Lots of museums.  Lots of food.  Lots of shopping.  Lots of walking.  We did it all. 

Urban bliss.   A great place to go to get out of the country for a bit of urban renewal.  

Philly loves country.   This was one of my favorite public murals.   [Click it to biggify it.]  It made me feel right at home. 

We stayed at a hotel a block and a half away from Reading Terminal Market, which is, hands down, my All Time Favorite Thing In Philly.  

Seriously.   If only they had hotel rooms there, I'd never leave.

Every morning, we stopped in for a cup of lemon tea [or hot chocolate] and an apple from one of the veggie vendors.  

We wandered through the market and looked at the cases full of fish and ruffled meat and cheese and purple broccoli.

And baked goods.  OMG, the baked goods.  The apple fritters from Bieler's were the best.   One day, we stopped to get one in the morning, and then another one in the evening on the way back to the hotel.   Mmmm.

There were restaurants of every kind - Chinese, oysters, Creperie, cheesesteaks, barbeque, sweets, sandwiches, on and on and on.

I wanted to bring this bread oven home.  It was at the pizza/stromboli/cheesesteak place next to Iovine's. 

It was just one of many things I wanted to bring home with me from Philly.   Clearly, I need to go back more often than once every 4 years.

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  1. Reading Terminal Market is one of the places I like to shop on a weekly basis - I love living up here (Texas girl)


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