Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Poetry 2013

I thought I'd start off with a little bit of cheerleading for those of you reading this Pre-HolidayFestivities:    
Today is going to be a great day.  Whatever you have planned is going to go just swimmingly.   Remember to watch for those little moments that are just for you.
And if you're reading this Post-HolidayFestivities, then: 
Yay!!   You survived the holiday! You can sit down and enjoy the next little while in the quiet, just you, your cup of whatever and a candle.  We'll have a nice little visit.

I'm so glad I know you!  You deserve some poetry.  Last year I wrote you a sonnet for Christmas.

It. Was. Awesome.


As I mentioned then, I am no poet and I don't pretend to be one.  If I ever write a masterpiece it will be accidental.  The only goal I have is that I write an interesting poem.

As in:  That was......interesting. *cough*  

Luckily, that bar is pretty low.

This year I have written a poem a la William Carlos Williams' 'The Red Wheel Barrow', which is a fine, fine poem.

Feel free to leave your own rural redneck poems in the comments.

I hope you have a wonderful day today.  Thanks so much for being here!

Rurification Christmas Poem 2013

So much depends

not running out
of tape

before all the gifts
are wrapped.

If all the tags
are switched

by little hands
who reach

to 'help you please',
then know

that half the fun
will be

in seeing grandma's
surprised face

when she opens her box of
deer scent

and the peals
of glee

as everyone
looks around

to see if what they got
was meant

just for them.
Or not.

The End.  In case you wondered.


  1. Great poem! I miss the little fingers this year in Germany. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww, this is so cute. so much like my experience every Christmas. The kids being around "help you please". Love this! I wish I could include this to my collection of favorite short Christmas poems. Have a merry Christmas!


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