Thursday, December 26, 2013

Glass Jugs

A few miles away from us was one of those lovely old barns that had been around forever.  Last year, that poor old barn came down in the heavy snow that took out a few other barns out here.   The owners hauled off the debris, little by little, section by section.   They cleaned up all the wood and a lot of the stuff that had been inside.   They left this small collection of old glass jugs sitting on some sort of old chest.   You can see where some have been on the ground and gotten some of that old black barn mud in them. 

After who knows how many decades hidden away in the dark of the barn, they sit out in the open now and catch the sun.   They glow.  

I love them. 

Eric said that they're probably left over from the manufacturing of some homemade product - probably around the 1920s and 30s - that made people glow, too.     

I wouldn't be surprised. 

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