Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hoop House Re-Do

We've been thinking about how to re-do the hoop house so it is less vulnerable to collapse and so it has doors that are easier to navigate.

Here is a link to Walden Effect's post on Eliot Coleman's hoop houses.   Read my review of Coleman's book here.   Here is his website.

This is the place he gets his row covers.  It looks like he's using Agribon 15 or 19.  That's the most affordable, but it doesn't last long according to Anna at Walden Effect [see link above].

Here is the pdf for how Coleman builds smaller hoop houses.   This is what we're going to try to do.   His are 13 ft wide and I need 10 ft wide ones.   Not sure how we're going to do that yet.   We have a couple of options. 
  • Do the bends higher so the hoop house is taller and narrower.
  • Do it his way and cover my entire bed and the paths on either side.   I couldn't easily get around the hoop house that way, though my paths are pretty wide so maybe it would be just do-able.
Here's the link to Johnny's tunnel pipe bender.   And here's the link to their slideshow on how they build the moveable greenhouses.

Here's a site that has the clamps:    Check their sidebar for a list of sizes. 

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