Friday, March 28, 2014

Companion Plants, Part 1: Vegetable Companions

I just got some asparagus for a new asparagus bed.   The thing about asparagus is that it's done in the spring and then sort of a 'waste' of space the rest of the garden year, so I've been wondering what I should plant in the bed with it so I can get the best use out of the space all year long.

Which brings up the issue of companion plants.  Some plants do better when planted next to each other and some don't.   But which?   I found these two great charts online while I was researching. 

Both of these charts are excellent and focus only on what vegetables to plant together.  

Mysquarefootgarden: color coded vegetable companion plant guide.  I liked this chart because the colors make it easy to find plants that work well together.

Wiki:  I know a lot of people roll their eyes at wiki, but this is a real gem.  It's a fantastic list of plants to use together and plants to avoid and most things are referenced with footnotes in case you want verification.  

I'll talk about companion planting with herbs tomorrow.


  1. Planted some parsley with my asparagus this week. I'm looking forward to this series of posts.

  2. Hi Could you please explain the color coding companions chart? Not sure how to read it.

    1. Hi Linda - Here's their page that explains it all.

      You look for your veg in white at the top of a column. In that column, good companions are green, so-so ones are yellow and plants that do not get along with yours are in red. Does that help?


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