Saturday, March 29, 2014

Companion Plants, Part 2: Herb Companions

Yesterday I gave you a couple of terrific links to lists of vegetables that grow well together.  Today I've got links that talk about companion planting herbs and vegetables.   Herbs have the added benefit of repelling certain insect pests as well.

If you're a rank beginner, here's a basic list of 11 herbs to help your garden:

Here's a list of herbs and the insects they repel.   Read the whole article - but the insect/herb chart is at the bottom:  

I really liked this list of herbs and companions by Darlene Widirstky from

Here's a mixed list of herbs and vegetables put out by Wasatch Community Gardens:

And another mixed list of herbs and vegetables put out by Earl May:

If you spend some time with this, you'll see that everyone has a slightly different take on it and you may even find some flat out contradictory information.   Don't worry about it.  Just take your best shot and enjoy growing your own food.

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