Sunday, March 30, 2014

Advanced Vegetable Gardening - Crop Rotation

The past two days I've talked a bit about companion plants - plants that encourage growth or bearing and will increase your garden yield or inhibit pests.

Another handy tool to have in your gardening belt is the concept of crop rotation.   Early on, farmers noticed that if you plant the same things in the same spaces year after year, then the soil would become depleted and problems would arise.    Heavy feeding helped and crop rotation helped. 

If you don't have separate beds for things, you can rotate areas.  And if you have only a couple of beds, then you can divide them in half and rotate that way.

If you're new to the whole idea of crop rotation and want to give it a try then here are some charts to get you started.  

If you have taken the time to read some of those links, you'll have noticed that there are several approaches to grouping plants for rotation.   Remember - gardening is as much art as science.  Choose the grouping that works for you and just go with it.

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