Sunday, March 23, 2014

In the Doghouse

This is Bob.   He's our favorite rooster.   Gentle, quirky, cheerful.

Unfortunately, we got another rooster as a chick 2 years ago [we had paid for all females, so we were irritated, but unwilling to eat him. Yet.]  The new rooster is Nutmeg.  This year, Nutmeg has overturned the status quo and poor Bob has been ousted from the flock.    Either that or fight to the death.   Not nice options.

We separate Bob out first thing in the morning and let him range around the yard.   He goes where he wants and hangs out all over the place.  [At night he puts himself up and Nutmeg doesn't seem to challenge him after dusk.]

It irritates Nutmeg to see Bob free, and quite honestly,  I'm OK with that. 

Sometimes, Bob and a chicken buddy hang out in the doghouse.   [The dog doesn't seem to mind - she hangs out in the sunshine in front of the studio.]

They'll nap in there for a while and then come out and scratch around somewhere else.

Bob's feathers.  So gorgeous. 

I could look at him all day long.

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