Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jam eBook Sale

Thanks to all of you who have looked at my ebook over the past year!

A Simple Jar of Jam is a collection of more than 180 jam, jelly, marmalade, glaze and chutney recipes and variations from this blog.   The vast majority of them use low sugar pectin. Click here for a preview to see the table of contents, a few recipes and the index. The ebook is an interactive pdf, best viewed using Adobe or iBook.  

To celebrate the beginning of jam season this year,  we are lowering the price from $7.95 to $4.99 for the next few weeks.  [That's a 37% savings.]  Tell your friends - Spread the news!

You don't need a coupon code or anything, just go to Rurification's Etsy Shop and buy it

Thank you so much for reading the blog and buying the ebook.  Every purchase goes a long way to help support this blog.  

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