Friday, October 24, 2014


Surprisingly, I had good success with peppers this year. 

They had a bad start with the cold weather, so I bought a couple of starts at greenhouses here and there and when I was ready to plant, I had a nice selection of peppers.

Then they sulked, so I fertilized them with some Miracle-Gro sprinkles - the slow release kind.   Apparently, the peppers liked it because we had a bumper crop!

These are the types I planted:
  • Jupiter pepper
  • Golden California Wonder pepper [beautiful!]
  • Purple peppers [early]
  • Banana peppers 
  • Little Snacking Pepper [orange]
  • Pimento [thick flesh!]
  • Carmen [long]

The purple peppers came on early and bore like crazy.   They were thin fleshed with a lot of seeds.   The banana peppers also bore early and had a lot of seeds.   The Carmens were long red peppers - beautiful and very slow to mature. 

We got several of the Golden Cal Wonders before frost and they were sweet and beautiful.   I love them.

The little orange snacking peppers were a surprise, and a delightful one.  The fruit is small, fleshy and had few seeds.   The girls liked those a lot.

By far, our favorite was the Pimiento Pepper - the classic pimento peppers.  [Yep, those things that the salad olives are stuffed with are peppers].  Most were just a bit smaller than your fist - the one in the pic is a pretty small one.  Thick fleshed, few seeds and great flavor.  We'll do these again.

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