Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Winter Garden Soil Amendment

I miss the garden in the winter and whenever the weather is warm enough to work comfortably, I'm out there fiddling with things.  

And thinking.  

Sometimes I just walk around and look and think.  

In between the thinking, I do what I can to improve the soil.  It's my favorite winter chore.

We have clay here.  Lots and lots of clay.   It's great for brambles, but not tomatoes. 

So I built raised beds [see above link] and every now and then we toss some extra organic material in there.   We use a lot of straw mulch, leaves, chicken dirt and sand to break up that clay.  

This is the rhubarb and pea bed.   I can't move the rhubarb to rotate the bed, so I just make sure to put lots of sand and leaves and chicken dirt in it.  It makes for happy rhubarb.   And peas.   And turnips.  I grew some fabulous turnips in this bed last year.    We just dumped a whole lot of leaves in there.   I can hear the rhubarb smiling already. 

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