Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Busy Bees

The bees are busy bringing in loads of pollen.   They started this season as a tiny fist-sized cluster and have built up enough to mostly fill a 10 frame medium.   I added a super last week and they're very happy.  

This hive is part Russian.   I bought a package with a Russian queen last year, but they didn't like her, and within a couple of months had requeened on their own.  This new queen does not like any loitering around the hive.   I got pinged on my cheekbone just for standing and watching near the front of the hive.   Rude.   Since then I've heard that Russians can be defensive.   So we keep an eye on things from a little further back.  

If all the pollen coming in is an indicator, then this hive is building up really fast.   I'm hoping to add another super in a week or so.   The wild brambles are just getting ready to bloom.   Assuming it ever stops raining.

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