Saturday, May 14, 2016


It's green again in Indiana.   Really, really green.  

I read once that you shouldn't paint scenes with too much green.  People don't like it or something.   I think that's code for 'It doesn't go with the living room decor.'   I also read once that you should paint what you love.   I love green Indiana.  So I'll keep painting green Indiana.  

I mix all my greens myself.   I like the ranges I can get with just a few favorite primaries.  This piece of Virginia creeper climbing a pole was a good practice.   [Prussian blue, aureolin, mission burnt sienna, alizarin crimson].   This was the last piece I did for the watercolor class I took last month.   I had a wonderful time in the class, learned a lot and met some really great people.


  1. I love that you love green Indiana and will keep painting it! This one is beautiful!

  2. OMG....I actually that was a photo until I enlarged it! It's beautiful and I love the greens!!!!!


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