Thursday, March 9, 2017

Art Miscellany

My Mantra:

Stay calm.

Stay positive.

Think creatively.

Things I remind myself when I paint - in no particular order

  • Talent has nothing to do with it.  Persistence has everything to do with it.
  • Paint a lot.   Paint bad stuff.  Paint good stuff.  Just paint. 
  • Don't fiddle.   Let it dry.   Do a second layer after it's dry if you need to.
  • Put as much HOME as possible into every painting.
  • You're not painting the THING.   You're painting how the LIGHT hits the thing.  
  • Composition is more important than technique.
  • It's about the LIGHT.   Don't worry about the other stuff.
  • Layers are good.  Go to lunch.  Let it dry.  Look at it again and put on another layer.
  • Change of plane = change of color.
  • Distance is good. Put distance in every painting.
  • Distance is good.  Step back and look at your painting from 10 ft away.
  • Paint standing so you can step back easily and look at things from distance. 
  • Do the art.  Don't judge the art.
  • You love the art, right?   Let the art love you. 
  • Get feedback.
  • Put it away for a bit, then pull it out and see what it tells you.
  • Simplify the shapes.
  • If the painting works SMALL, it will work BIG.


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