Monday, March 6, 2017

Color Study Trees

I've been doing some of these color studies on tree forms and I have to tell you that I'm in love with the whole process.  

My color wheels live on my studio desk and the first thing I do is grab one and pull out a color shape - triad, square, rectangle... and do a sample card with the colors.  

Then I look at the tree and decide which color to use as my darkest value and which for my lightest and plan my shapes around that.

So. Much. Fun.

As I finish more I'll post.   The colors I used here are: quin burnt orange, viridian, French ultramarine blue, new gamboge.

If you're interested in color theory and want to learn more, I can help you out.   My calendar has a list of the color and dyeing classes I'm teaching this year.  I've got a 3-day color workshop in April and a half day color harmonies class in May.   You can register and pay right from my new website's shop.  There's a significant discount if you register early.   Email me if you have questions.

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