Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Kettle of Vultures

© Robin Edmundson, 'A Kettle of Vultures - Study', watercolor, 10 x 14 inches. 

This was a quick study of the way the light went through the bottoms of some trees in the fields the other day - and a study of a kettle of vultures flying around.   We see these often out here and it's mesmerizing to watch them fly the updrafts.   It's one of our favorite things about living in deep country.  

There are some things I want to correct in the next draft of this piece, but there's something I really love about this study.   I keep coming back to it.  

Is it the light?   The motion of the birds in the sky?   Everyone in the family has had that reaction...there's something compelling in this one.

I'll be working on this idea again.

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