Friday, June 2, 2017


© Robin Edmundson, 'Beehives #1', watercolor on paper,  10 x 14 inches.

As you know I am a beekeeper.   Most beekeepers paint their boxes white, but we decided we wanted something a little brighter.   So I went to the store and bought paint in magenta, cyan and yellow, with some white to lighten things if I wanted.   Every time we get a new box, I mix things up and paint it a different color.  Though I didn't depict it here, many of the boxes also have a design on them as well.   Strong graphics help the bees orient to their own hives.

My favorite color is the bright green and I use a lot of it to help unify the crazy stack of colors in the beeyard.   All in all it's a beautiful little area and a fun subject for a painting or two or three.  More of these are in the works.

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