Friday, June 30, 2017

Purple Carrots

Photo: Lily Jenness [my oldest kiddo]
I have four sisters.  They are some of the most interesting people I've ever met.  This year, one of them decided this was her 'Year of Yes'.  Yes to new things, people, experiences.  A year to stretch that comfort zone.   This is remarkable because by and large we are a family of introverts.  Introverts with really great social skills.

My word for the year is 'Magnetic'.  It's a powerful word, full of import.  I have been careful to behave in a way likely to attract things that are long-term sustainable and healthy.   It has also really stretched my comfort zone.

I found myself trying things one more time.  Re-framing a problem.  Changing a mindset.  Looking at things in new ways.   Being brave.  Trying new things.  Trying again.  And again.  Sharing, sharing, sharing.

Which brings me to the carrots.   I have planted carrots a dozen years and gotten nothing but knotty, bitter, buggy, nasty things.   But I found a packet of seed for the purple ones this year when I was planting everything else and thought, 'Well.  I've got room for a small row in a new place.  We'll try again. One more time.'

Et voila'!  Some of the most beautiful carrots ever.  And get this....They're DELICIOUS, too.  

So here's my gift to you:  Whatever it is you've been thinking about - Try one more time.  Think about it in a new way. Say, 'Yes'.  You already are magnetic.

All my love to you-

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