Sunday, December 10, 2017

Five and a half minutes

I think spiderwebs are really pretty and it's a good thing, because they are everywhere out here.  Our spiders are industrious and not put off by meddling humans who remove the webs.  The spiders just make more. 

I like that determination and focus. 

Which brings me to my meditation practice.   I had meditated many times over the years but never had a 'practice'.   By practice, I mean a regular place, method, time, etc.   When we re-did the studio this year, I finally had the place, so I set it up with a candle, incense burner and comfortable place to sit. 

And then I just didn't have time to sit and meditate.   Apparently, I liked the idea of meditation more than actually sitting and meditating.

Let's face it, on the surface, meditation looks like sitting still.   I hate that.   Seriously, I have way too much to do to sit still doing nothing for 30 minutes. 

And I was explaining that to someone who pointed out that the monks at the local Tibetan monastery only meditate for 10 minutes at a time because it's not reasonable to sustain that kind of focus for hours. 

OK then. 

And in the same conversation, we talked about how the purpose of meditation is to get centered.   When the mind starts spinning, you bring it back to center.   It wanders, you bring it back.  Doesn't matter how often.  The point is to learn to come back to center.  It takes a bit of determination and focus.

That's something I can do. 

I chose an amount of time that I know I can manage.   Five and a half minutes.    During that time, I can pray, repeat a mantra, or just focus on my breath.   Doesn't matter.   The point is that I keep coming back to center.   

I sit down, I light my sage or candle, I set the timer and I breathe.   For five and a half minutes. 

And that has made all the difference.  These five and a half minutes of quality time with myself have opened up all kinds of possibilities which are making it possible for me to live my best life now. 

What sorts of things do you practice regularly that are making it possible for you to live your best life now?

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