Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Upcoming Classes

Here are a few of my upcoming classes for August.   Email me with questions.   Click on the titles of the classes to go to the registration page and find out more.

August 4, 2018.    9:00 am - noon
So often we sit down to creative work with the heavy expectation of creating a masterpiece...or at least something that will bring compliments from viewers.  The purpose of this class is to let go of the expectation of creating something perfect and finished and replace it with the calm of simply observing what the paint and water do together.   No expectations, just fun.  
We will play with color, learn how different pigments react with water, experiment with salt and plastic wrap effects, play with abstract compositions and a few other surprises.  
This class is appropriate for all levels of skill, including people who have never touched watercolor before.  [It will probably be hardest for people who are used to trying to paint 'something' instead of just playing].     Click on the title of the class above to register.

August 4, 2018.   1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
For all creatives working in color!  You will learn how to mix any color you want using only 2 sets of primary colors.  
Appropriate for all mediums.   I will demonstrate with transparent dyes, but you are welcome to bring paint, colored pencils, fiber, ink, etc.  It will be useful for you to see how different mediums mix. Contact me ahead of time to make sure you bring appropriate primary colors. Click on the title of the class above to register.

August 18, 2018.  1:00 PM  4:30 PM
Julia Cameron wrote The Artist's Way as a method for helping creatives identify their blocks and release their creative flow.   In this one-time class, we will start the process together and get you on your way to a happier and more productive creative life.   
If there is enough interest, we will schedule regular meetings to go through the entire Artist's Way or Vein of Gold books.  Click on the title of the class above to register.
Support is an important part of the process.   If you're an artist looking for better balance between your art, professional and personal lives, please feel free to check out and join my facebook group - 'The Well Balanced Artist'.  We are there to support each other in the journey.  

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