Thursday, September 12, 2019


© Robin Edmundson, 'Zinnias #4', watercolor, 15 x 11 inches.
Framed to 20 x 16 inches.  $375.

I plant a long row of zinnias every year.  They make me really happy.

I like the big ones.  And the small ones.  Also, the ones that look like cactus flowers and the ones that look like fat pompoms.  I like the red ones, the orange ones, the yellow ones and the pink ones.  And this year I got a couple of white ones that knocked my socks off.

While I was practicing a few versions of this piece, Claire walked in and looked at an early one and said, 'Frame this.  I want it.'   She's allergic to a lot of the outdoors, 'This way I can have them in my room.'   [Of course, I framed hers first.]

This piece and a few more florals will be hanging at my upcoming show at the Vault at Gallery Mortgage in Bloomington, Indiana.  October 2-29, 2019.

Robin Edmundson: Not Far Afield

October 2-29, 2019

The Vault at Gallery Mortgage
121 E 6th Street
Bloomington, Indiana
Gallery Hours:  M-F 9am-5pm

Please join us for the opening reception
Friday Oct 4, 2019
5pm - 8pm


  1. Robin, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing, since I'm a zinnia fan as well, you made my day.

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  3. I only discovered how much I love zinnias last year! I had twice as many this year and I'm dreaming big for next year. I start them from seeds. And now you say there's small ones? Ones that look like cactus flowers? Oh. MY! Can't wait for seed catalog season now! (Some people may call that winter. Silly people!) :-)

    What you can do with watercolour looks like magic to me still. Beautiful, wonderful, exuberant, awesome magic. (Yes I know there's a lot of work behind that magic -- but perhaps that's true of all magic.)

    1. Helene! You do understand! [You will LOVE the zinnia selection and they grow so well from saved seed, too!] You make an excellent point about magic. It's my experience that there is at least a lot of preparation to make way for the magic to happen.

    2. You're very inspiring, Robin. Not just your work, your results, the processes you share: YOU.

      This all makes me wonder about my own brand of magic and how I stifle it and should just. stop. stifling it. Slowly making progress on that front, even if it's a kind of "back-burner progress". I'll get there.

    3. You are VERY kind. Do not doubt that you possess your own brand of magic. Back-burner progress is an important part of progress. Sometimes things must simmer - and are all the better for the extra time doing so.

    4. Hahaha, there's some weird synergy going on: just yesterday I was reflecting on the fact that I'm actually... not very kind! Obviously I'm also hard on myself, huh? :-)

      I let things simmer. A lot. I think I should look at the pots more often, though, cause sometimes I ruin pots and sometimes I get very good molasses. (Seriously, with watermelon. Though I was going for a metaphor here! HAHAHAHAH!)


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